About me

I’ve been doing ceramics for three or four years now, and it has really become my passion. I can spend hours in the studio working and forget there is a world outside – even forget to eat! You can check out my work for sale at

My most recent work has focused on cups and mugs decorated with my hand-carved stamps. The stamps took hours of work to make, but are a wonderful tool. I don’t know how I ever lived without them before!

Some of the stamps are inspired by my time living in Africa and studying African history. Many of the patterns are borrowed from or inspired by beautiful modern and ancient African textiles. Like this one (click for description):

Others, like my stamps with little hearts and confetti, are just plain fun (click for description):

I’ll be adding more as I take pictures, and of course, I’ll post when there’s something hot and new out of the kiln to share! Thanks for taking a look!

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