Masticating Mastodon!

There is no way on earth I could pass on featuring a necklace titled “Masticating Mastodon”! This is the little paleontological creation of Galina Kirman Jewelry.

This piece really grabbed me because I spent at over a year wearing crocodile teeth on a necklace (after I picked them up on a brief stint working on a crocodile farm in Africa)…..I used to get stopped on the street, buses, everywhere, by people asking me what kind of teeth they were! They were finally so sharp, they started cutting through the hemp I had woven around them! Maybe I’ll have to get Galina to do some custom repairs to my crocodile babies, see if I can’t make a real respectable piece of jewelry out of them…
Published in: on February 13, 2008 at 3:32 pm  Comments (2)  
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  1. I love you tag line, it is perfect!!!!

  2. oooh, AFRCICA!! And crocodiles — you brave soul!

    I hope you write about your time in Africe – I’d love to read it. I’ve spent some time in Africa and can’t wait to go back 😀

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