Dreams of India


Two awesome things about today:

1. My boy just got back from a week in India, and brought me these amazing silk pillowcases back as a belated Valentines present. I’m ga-ga over them! As a bonus, they perfectly compliment my couch (despite the fact that he’s color-blind and thought they were purple). He definitely earned some points in my book!! Check out the elephants:


2. Also, I got a commission today to make a set of bowls! I’m so excited to make some pottery and think “Someone really wants these and asked ME to make them!” instead of “I’m making these, so I really hope somebody likes them…” It’s Pottery with a Purpose!

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  1. They are beautiful! You don’t have to say boyfriend but “special friend” kinds sounds like you are talking about a vibrator! Lol!
    Congratulations on the commissioned pieces!

  2. hahaha, okay, i’ll change it! There’s just no concise way to describe some relationships!

  3. congrats on the commissioned bowls (how exciting) and I’m sooooooo jealous of those pillowcases! they’re so super lovely 😉

  4. pottery with a purpose…ha! congrats on the commission!

    the pillows are great!

  5. Those are beautiful!

  6. Those are gorgeous! Congratulations on the commission!

  7. Wow, those pillows are beeyootiful! And yay for the commission ☺

  8. wow, that brocade is amazing.

  9. Congratulations 🙂

    xoxoxo Sheela

  10. pottery with a purpose! haha too funny!
    love those pillow covers! i’m so jealous that your son was in India!

  11. Oops, i guess there’s still confusion. Maybe “guy I’m dating”?

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