Tag, I’m it!!

Okay, so I’ve been “tagged” by my lovely blogging friend Susan, over at Capitola Girl Jewelry (A pair of her awesome earrings was featured earlier in my blog. Check them out).

So now I’m supposed to share seven weird and random facts about myself, then tag some more people. Somehow I have to come up with something weirder than her peanut butter and pepperoni sandwiches? Here goes an attempt:

1. The weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten was fried goat intestine, while living in Southern Africa. But it wasn’t the grossest thing. That was when we were backpacking through the African Bush, and had to live off of what we could purchase and carry from the only little shop in the only little town. Our regular dinner was deep-fried “fat cakes,” hollowed out and filled with cold spam and baked beans. Mmmmm….

2. I get really bugged when someone says they are going to “itch” something. You scratch an itch, you don’t itch a scratch. NOT A VERB, PEOPLE.

3. My bathroom walls are covered in pottery porn. Beautiful gallery shots I’ve clipped out or saved of cups, bowls, jars, sculptures, vases – whatever! I like to contemplate them while I pee. My friends think it’s a little creepy or something.

4. I write my best while listening to the first disc of the broadway version of The Who’s Tommy. I can’t explain it. (He’s a pinball wizard, there has to be a twist…)

5. I love to snip split ends off my hair. Individually. I will inspect the ends of my hair for frizz and proceed to cut the tips one by one by one. It can be an all-consuming hours-long obsession, which must be nipped in the bud by getting regular haircuts.

6. I eat french toast Canadian style (or so I’ve been told) with salt and pepper instead of cinnamon and syrup.

7. I write for a newspaper, but I get very super nervous when friends and family want to read my writing, and I frequently hide it from them. Somehow the thought produces a terrible shyness in me – unlike the fact that 46,000 other people read my stories every day.

Okay, so now comes the part where I tag other people! Apologies to anyone I’m picking who has already done this…

Eight8words – An awesome “silversmith and wordsmith.” Wish I could afford one of her cool necklaces…
Piggy-Tails – Has the cutest cards ever. You want them and you don’t even know it yet.
Rowley Baby – Sells bigs and blankies and all kinds of things that make you want a baby.
Contrarywise Rambling – I much adore her beautiful jewelry. Look for a feature on her work very soon!
Grizzly Mountain Arts – Makes such intricate little things, I’m stunned every time.
Purty Girl Designs – By awesome artist Anna Cox, who is using some of my new pendant designs in her work!
A Field Journal – By Natural Historie. The sweetest, prettiest page in the blogosphere.

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  1. Wow! Your work is a amazing and I love the feel of your blog…so cozy and warm.

    Goat intestines are pretty gross. You are an adventurous soul.


  2. I love these mugs! I couldn’t find anyone else that wanted to be tagged, so I’m afraid I won’t be passing it along. You mentioned on our blog that you liked our name–it comes from where we live, on Grizzly Mountain 🙂 RowleyBaby lives nearby too!

  3. Thanks for having our link on your blog! I added a link your blog on our blog 🙂

  4. I’m going to have to try that Canadian style french toast 🙂

  5. It’s delicious! You need to use a little more egg, so it’s like savory bread omelette!

  6. Addendum to the ‘weird things I’ve eaten’ section…This Saturday I had scrambled Emu egg. Whoa. It was a huge green egg, and when we cracked it open there was a freakishly large yolk inside. Tasted…pretty much like egg!

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