There is something about Cindy’s artwork over at blackcatgraphix that really kinda creeps me out. And also kinda fascinates me. Something about the crazy Alice-in-Wonderland world combined with the white, high-contrast faces that just seem to stare right out at you….*shiver*

One of the coolest things about her art is the process. She says that she paints on wood until the figure says “hey, get me out of here” and then she saws them out with wood (hey, I understand talking to your art work…). Sometimes they wind up wired together at the joints, others wind up clothed. Even her paintings on canvas don’t stay in one place. She says she frequently photographs them and then digitally transports them to new contexts.

The only thing is, when she says her characters talk to her and then I look at them staring at me, I begin to wonder: maybe they really do?

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  1. I can attest to the beauty of Cindy’s work, I have two of her colourful, imaginative prints in my home!

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