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What a treat, really, when after admiring someone’s beautiful artwork, you find you have an amazing connection with them. That’s the case for me over at Infinite Cosmos, the family-run Etsy shop featuring the art of Todd and Marlena. This husband and wife team produces both eye-catching blown glass work (I believe this is mostly Todd’s arena) and some sweet hippie-style hand-sewn clothes (check out Marlena modeling one of her pieces below).

What a surprise for me to discover that I went to high school in Upstate NY with Marlena, who now lives waaay on the other side of the country, in Oregon. What’s even funnier is that Marlena and I probably had absolutely no interaction when we were at school together (I certainly have no memory of her) and now years later we meet over a mutual love of art and craft.

It’s still amazing and fun to see what a great life an old classmate (whether I knew her or not) has made for herself. I am so jealous of her awesome looking home, full of goats, llamas and every other kind of animal. Cheers to Marlena, her husband and their beautiful daughter, Leona!

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  1. Wow! That is infinitely cool. Funny how you could go to school together, not know one another, and become friends later in life. I guess you at least have some common bonds of other classmates?

    A great story! It made my day to read it 🙂

  2. wow amazing work I am off to check out the shop now! And so neat that you all went to school together

  3. Thanks so much for featuring us, Amy! Definitely funny to find out that a fellow etsian is also from your hometown! Blessings to you!

    Oh, and they are alpacas 😉 Llamas are the larger version of the alpaca

  4. Ahhh, my bad! Show how much interaction I have with alpacas OR llamas here in sunny Philadelphia…

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