Many of my friends are starting to get married – a prospect which, at 24, I find kinda terrifying. But hey, I gotta be happy for them. But I’m was a little less happy (just a tiny smidgen!) when it dawned on me how expensive going to a wedding is!! I have to buy a new dress, plus an $80 waffle iron???

I don’t know, maybe it’s me, but it’s hard to really feel like I showed my love for my knot-tying friends with a waffle iron or freakishly expensive orange juicer. So it’s such a relief to find other amazing (and less budget-killing) options on Etsy.

Take, for example, this gorgeous restored cigar box from Patricia, at TattooDreams. It’s sweet, special and sincere – and entirely affordable. And seriously, how often do we really have time to make waffles in the morning?

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  1. It is terrifying when your friends start to get married, but its even worse when they start to have babies (not by accident)

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