Um, it’s Chanukkah?

Please, please – someone buy me this dress! No, no, really – It’s my birthday today, I swear! It’s Christmas today – they changed the date and didn’t tell you. Um, it’s Valentines, and you love me? You know, it’s a tradition to buy a girl a dress for spring solstice! I’ll say anything…

I think I may really have to buy this amazing dress from Fraeulein Wunder (of Germany) to wear to that wedding I mentioned (I don’t think it would be too white…right?). I keep looking in my paypal account and hoping it will magically double so I can justify a big expense for myself. I should, right? Tell me I should! Or tell me you’re a wealthy benefactor who loves buying dresses for poor artists…!

P.S. I lied. It’s not really my birthday, and it’s not really Christmas. But the Tooth Fairy is real. Seriously.

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  1. Ok, so maybe we can split the cost and ship it back and forth to take turns wearing it? Girls can dream, can’t they?
    Damn, that’s an awesome dress!

  2. What a lovely dress!

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