Monday Muck-ups

We’ve all done it.

Put an elbow through a beautiful newly thrown pot? Guilty. Cracked a plate right in half while trying to straighten it out? Guilty. Just straight-up dropped something and had it shatter into a million pieces? Guilty.

Well, it’s all a natural part of the artistic process, right? The piece above was supposed to be a lovely green, like my Moss Bowl, but I put on the glaze too thin and got yuckity yuck on about 20 cups, instead! Bummer.


Please post your own tale of crafting woe, and a link to your own picture of the disaster, if you’ve got it! If you post a picture I will run it on the following Mondays – otherwise you will get to see more of my own mishaps! Woot!


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  1. Oh, I just thought of a perfect story to go with this post! A friend of mine accidentally made several last-minute pottery pieces for his undergrad senior show with the wrong type of clay. When he opened the kiln, they had all melted down into globs and puddles on the kiln shelves! But he put them in the show anyways and everyone thought he was a modern art genius! 🙂

  2. So i threw this piece in sections and pu tit together and it was beautiful… about 20 inches tall or more…took me all day while my son was at summer camp…he was about 5…. he comes home from camp and I am so proud of myself…I show him what i did all day…of course he walks over and says “Wow…can I push this..?”.
    Before a screaming “NOOOOOOO” in slow motion starts to come out of my mouth he has floored the wheel peddle and my tall thin pot is whipping around like a tornado…….
    He cries. My fault really…
    “No Sam …… I’m not mad at you…..”

  3. Not a pottery one, but I was constructing a rosary with my kitty on my lap. Normally she couldnt care less what I am doing but she must have had a bug up that day or something. As I am stringing pearls she decides to start trying to munch on the wire. I quickly shoo her away. Fast forward and I am done stringing. I “test” my stuff to make sure all of the fastenings are good and sturdy… well I tested this and it flew apart spectacularly. In the two bites she had gotten in before I had bopped her, my kitty managed to weaken the steel wire enough for it to snap under gentle pressure. It took me good 45 minutes to calm down enough to first find all the beads and then restring the entire rosary. Grrr….

  4. One December night, around 6 p.m. I put a fimo snowman ornament in the toaster oven to cure, while my husband and I were getting dressed to go to my company’s holiday party. Since we would be leaving in about 30 minutes, that would be just the right amount of time for the ornament to cure.

    We got home from the party around 11:00. Our son said “Were you trying to burn down the house? I went into the kitchen around 9:30 to get a snack and the toaster oven was on.” Amazingly, it only burned a tiny bit, I touched it up with paint, and still gave it for a gift.

  5. I had this hilarious button that looked like a boob and couldn’t resist making a brooch out of it, but then I didn’t do anything with it because it was huge and totally unwearable. Finally, I blogged about it, people loved it, I listed it, and it sold within two hours. So you never do know!

  6. No pictures… In school I had my first perfectly thrown bowl and after it was dry, I picked it up just by the rim and a big chunk came out. I was so heart broken. Sometimes, I catch myself doing the same thing now, but remember that incident and am more careful. It’s always when I’m rushing too.

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