Monday Muck-up!

After loading this mug in the kiln, I tried to shift an upper kiln shelf to improve the internal air flow. I had used some putty (called kiln wadding) to stick the shelf to the posts that supported it – even though I had been told not to. Of course, the post stuck to the shelf as I moved it, then fell off and landed right on one of my cups! I fired it anyways and wouldn’t you know it – the glaze came out better then any other piece in the firing! Damn!

Here’s another story of a slap-on-the-forehead moment, shared by Cynthia last week:

In school I had my first perfectly thrown bowl and after it was dry, I picked it up just by the rim and a big chunk came out. I was so heart broken. Sometimes, I catch myself doing the same thing now, but remember that incident and am more careful. It’s always when I’m rushing too.


Got a crafting catastrophe to share? Or just a story of learning things the hard way? Post it here and a picture if you’ve got it!

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  1. Amy, the cup is fabulous! I had no idea that you can go through so much work to create beautiful items, only to see them break in the end. It must be very frustrating.

    The creations you make are always so fabulous!

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