The Etsy website says there are at least 100,000 sellers on the site. Of those, one spotted my pottery and decided her mom would like a handmade mug for Mother’s Day. It just so happened that I loved her jewelry too, and was feeling open to a trade. Then, surprise, surprise, it turned out that this artist happened to also live in Philadelphia. And, most remarkable of all, it turned out she lives down the street, just six blocks away!!

I mean, really…what are the chances?

So I stopped by Oceano’s house on my way home from work today, dropped off my mug and picked up this lovely necklace! Can’t wait to wear it tomorrow!

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  1. That’s crazy!

  2. Wonderful! And I love the trade idea. I wish there was a place on Etsy where folks willing to do trades could register.

  3. I love it when that happens!
    I am trading a massage for one of my soba cups. The masseuse found my blog (completely random)and commented, then I looked at his blog and commented, that went back and forth a couple of times and then he decided he couldn’t live without one of my cups and proposed a trade since it turns out we live in the same city.
    Pretty neat.

  4. That’s so fun!

  5. What a great story! It’s such a small world, and it’s funny how you two came together! Thanks for sharing.


  6. Wow, what are the odds?!?


  7. WOW–that is so cool! What are the odds of that? lol
    Smiles, Karen

  8. It’s a small world afterall! And that’s a beautiful necklace.

    Love your ceramics too.

  9. Nice necklace. Very small world sometimes!

  10. Wow! What a small world. It’s a beautiful necklace! Love your blog. Followed you from an Etsy thread.

  11. What a wonderful story–a great way to make a new friend!

  12. Isn’t it fun to see them face to face? I sold a sculpture to someone local but certainly not blocks away! Very cool and I love that necklace!

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