The truth is…

Can I admit something to you folks? I don’t know how to use hair pins. Like, you see bobby pins, and they’re in these packs by the hundreds, right? I don’t know what you do with them.

And it’s not that I wouldn’t like to know! I mean, c’mon, look at these sweet little vintage hairpins by Ben and Oliver. Someone could look totally adorable wearing these, and conceivably, that person could be me! But I know buying them would result in me standing in front of the mirror looking puzzled for hours, and possibly breaking them. I think it took me about five years of owning hair sticks before I figured out how to put my hair in a bun with them (One day I just said “Oooooooh”).

If you are a master pinner, please post your secrets! Don’t make me live in darkness any longer!

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  1. I’m not a master “pinner” but I just use them to pin my hair to the side. I have short hair with long-ish bangs so I pin the bangs back in sort of a side sweep. I don’t know how good it looks but, when I have some cute pins like these to wear, I don’t care. I just enjoy wearing them.
    Hope this helps 🙂 Pin Away I Say!!

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