Salty Sweet

I had an awesome vacation. Five days of sweating like a pig, killing ticks and making glorious pots. I’d do it again tomorrow!

The workshop I took focused on decorating with stamps, so I had a chance to make and use a whole bunch of new ones (expect to see them in regular rotation in my Etsy shop soon).

And to top it off, we fired all our fresh work in a salt/soda kiln! Imagine pouring salt into the blazing hot opening of a 2400+ degree kiln, while sparks snap and pop all around… It’s so hot we need to wear UV protection glasses to look inside! But the salt (and a soda ash solution) create an amazing glassy, weathered texture on raw clay. Plus they make your glazes extra runny and fun! Check out some of the results.

Now I want to buy a farm out somewhere and build my own salt kiln! Damn!

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  1. The new creations are just gorgeous Amy! Can’t imagein how that heat was but the popping sounds like fun! hmmm a farm eh? We have lots of acreage right next door; I promise I won’t visit TOO much! 🙂

  2. That bowl, right there (the 2nd picture) – that is gorgeous. Speaks to everything humans love about pottery. Well done, and hope you find a farm where you can do your work…soon!

  3. I love the bowl in the second photo…really wonderful. Good luck finding a farm.

  4. HOw fun! The new work is beautiful!

  5. Very nice, I’m in awe of pottery artists…I made a clay cat and kittens once for a science project on mammals…that’s about as far as it goes for me. YOu guys are amazing.

    btw, I love your blog name…one of mty fave maurice sendak stories…have a look.(safe and not spam)

  6. What lovely pieces! Sometimes it well worth the discomfort…

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