I should have guessed

So I was cleaning around the house tonight when I noticed that heavy winds had blown down the make-shift cardboard window blockers that I had wedged on either side of my air conditioner. You know, those side pieces that keep the hot air from coming back in? So I figured, here’s a good time to actually cover them in plastic and tape them in place.

So I do, and in the process of sealing them around the conditioner, I see a pair of eyes staring back in the window at me from the dark. Keep in mind that there’s absolutely nothing outside this window other than a tiny square of rooftop, and I’m totally in my underwear!

Believe me, I nearly jumped a foot! But, of course, it was my cat, who had obviously snuck out onto the roof and was giving me a very quizzical “Why are you taping my door shut?” look. So I had to take the whole shebang down, lure her back in with kitty food and start over again from the beginning.

Ah, these silly kitties!

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  1. That has to be the cutest picture I have ever seen!! She’s just adorable and look at that mini version sleeping on her stomach!!!!

    I understand completely about your ordeal as we live under the paw of a feline fem-fetal as well!

  2. That is a very cute picture and you made me chuckle!

  3. LOL. That must have sent your blood pressure up! Leave it to a cat to make a blah process interesting!

  4. LoL my cat did that once too. It does give one a fright!

  5. Ha! There’s nothing freakier than the cat stare, is there? I almost didn’t notice the kitten curled up with her because it’s so tiny. How sweet!

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