On Bollywood and Bubbles

Hello friends, I’m back in business! I had a lovely two days off, and I think I’ve got my wind back.

While you all were, I’m sure, sobbing your eyes out over the lack of posts, I did a few nice things for myself. I cooked myself two extra-special dinners (including my all-time favorite, gourmet mac and cheese from scratch), hung out with friends and caught a couple of movies. I even managed to find a terrible yet awesome Bollywood flick based on a Dostoevsky novel. Totally hilarious. (Sorry, the whole three-hour movie is not quite as soft-porn as the preview would have you believe).

I was also finally able to test some incredible bubble-bath mix I got from MoonsHarvest a while back. And let me tell, this stuff makes bubbles! I doubled the dosage on a whim (two scoops? Ha! Make it five!) and was quite literally up to my ears in lavender scented foam. Seriously, this was princess bath-time bubbles. Towers of bubbles. Make-a-hat-out-of-it-and-wear-it-on-your-head bubbles. It made my night.

One other piece of exciting news? I’m considering night classes to study digital media! I think it would help my journalism career, and it certainly would be fun to test-run new techniques on you all. I’m a little nervous to take my life in a new kind of direction, but it also could be great. I don’t know yet…will keep you updated!


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  1. Hey nice blog, I’ve enjoyed reading! I found you from a post on Etsy, if you’re still looking for more artists to feature, I would honored. Thanks!

  2. I want to take a big bite out of that soap. It would taste like black raspberry swirl cheesecake!!

  3. A bubble bath! I haven´t taken one of those in a long time. It is on my “to do” list.

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