Pool Days

I’m giving myself a pat on the back, because I finally began going to the gym again today!

It’s a new gym, and it’s taken me a while to sign up and get started. Even when I finally decided that today was the day, the universe seemed to conspire against me. I left my sneakers at the clay studio (no problem, I’ll just swim) and then couldn’t, for the life of me, find my bathing suit bottom (damn! Stuck with the old, ill-fitting one-piece again).

But I did make it, and spent about an hour doing laps and bouncing around in the pool. I love it when you have the whole pool at the gym to yourself, because you can jump up and down, pretend to be a rock star or whatever, and call it exercise! Mostly I did the back stroke (or some made-up variant on it). In my head, a schooled-on-the-streets, rough-edged coach with a heart of gold yelled for me to “Kick harder!”

The new gym is at least half the price of the old gym, and you certainly seem to get what you pay for. The old gym had amenities like private shower stalls…and soap. But it was also tucked into a enclave of true white American suburbia, where Stepford wives always seemed to give me dirty looks.

Now I’m in the heart of South Philly. Several butch Italian guys seem to have nothing to do in their lives except bench-press, and the basement is packed with girls learning to salsa in dizzyingly high heels. Exclusivity is not based on finances, but on being “in the know” (What? You can’t navigate the hidden, secret labyrinth to the pool? You must not be one of our kind).

In other words, I love it. I’ll be back again tomorrow.

(Awesome pool painting courtesy of Elizabeth Graf! Check out her gorgeous work!)

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  1. I feel as though I were right beside you picking our way carefully through the secretive path. I could feel the water against my skin. The wonderful painting by Elizabeth was a perfect touch. I had never seen her work…she has been hearted. Thank you for another picturesque adventure!

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