Not your average bug

I don’t know about you, but when I meet a person who introduces themselves as Weird Bug Lady, I want to know: How weird are we talking here? I mean, I’ve seen a few strange bugs in my day.  Hell, in West Africa there were bugs so big, they looked like they could probably beat you up. I mean, you just sort of had to pretend not to see them at all, since the only other option was to develop a nervous tic and hide under the covers all day.

But I have to say, after checking out the weirdbuglady shop on Etsy… I am impressed. I have never seen a Daphnid stuffed animal before (although I do know what they are, thanks to Bio 101). Frankly, I do wonder who in the world would think to make a plush Danny the Dung Beetle (bonus: includes free dung!), but I am happy that SOMEONE is out there doing it.

So carry on, Weird Bug Lady. Carry on.

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  1. Wow, this little darling is far better than the ones I encountered in Brazil, ugh! Great find, as always Amy!!

  2. Definitely better than the humongo scorpions in Sudan and other nasty critters in East and southern Africa that still give me fits! I will have to check her out since my son is into bugs (ugh).

  3. I’m happy to see bugs that are not on my list of icky things!! These I can actually live with!! Very glad you brought them to our attention. The next time I find a weird bug in my garden, I’ll just pretend its a less pretty version of these. LOL

    Mary – second shop!

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