In an imaginary life

You know how it’s sometimes fun to sit back and pretend you’re a character in a novel you’re reading?

Well, I must not be reading the right novels, because in not one of them is anyone wearing anything like one of TotusMel’s tatted collars.

Maybe it’s time to break out that old Victorian Lit. syllabus again…

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  1. I love her stuff. I’ve put her in my Victorian themed treasuries. Gorgeous, gorgeous work. I hope one of my friends buys something for me for Xmas from her shop. (coughhintcough)

  2. Oh and I too know what you mean about these elegant creations not being in romance novels. I write a blog that reviews them and not once have I seen something like this in one, but don’t I wish! They’re captivating and period driven.

  3. I like imagining wearing that collar! It’s exquisite.

  4. Beautiful choice for your feature. The workmanship is exquisite. I’d have to go shipping to find a frock I could wear with it…I don’t think shorts and a Tee makes the grade!! sigh…

  5. shipping, Mary, SHIPPING!!! Didn’t you mean SHOPPING???? UGH, you know how to spell, now just learn how to type!!

  6. I was thrilled to see this posting on TotusMel’s creation as I’ve been a fan for ages! Just fabulous!

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