Easily Distracted

So…I was recently introduced to Polyvore. And immediately, hours and hours of what was previously perfectly productive time was lost into the abyss of fashion collages. So now I’m sharing the link with you guys, in a sadistic ploy to drag you all down with me!

I’ve barely had a taste of what the site allows you to do, but believe me, it’s already quite addictive. You can put together collages with thousands of pre-clipped fashion and design images, or you can nab your own images from anywhere (except Etsy, oddly. But flickr works fine.) The super-cool thing is that the images remain linked back to their original source and clickable, even after you “publish” your finished work.

I almost certainly will be playing around with this more, and posting more collages as I get a little better at designing these things (wishing I had more 2-dimensional design experience!). If you want me to include your images in my future masterpieces, feel free to post your flickr link in the comments!


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  1. Oh this is too cool! Thanks for turning us on to it! Always best to drag your friends down with you… at least you’re not alone!

    Ok, I’ll bite: http://www.flickr.com/photos/manamoon/

  2. WoW! and I thought staring at the Etsy “recently listed items” was addicting. I will definitely have to check this out.

  3. OK, your little sadistic ploy is working. I’m blaming you. Thanks a lot. I’ll never get any work done now.
    Plus, it totally satisfies my love for merchandising. LOL! You find the coolest stuff!! LOVE IT!!!! ♥

  4. WoooooooW, this is really great. I just knew hanging out with you was going to expose me to all kinds of artistic trouble…..I mean artistic ENDEAVORS. Yes, thats what I mean…artistic ENDEAVORS!!!!

    Where is my Flickr account when I need it..LOL LOL!!

    Another great find…thanks Amy.

    Ever yours at: http://www.BrushItOn.Etsy.com

  5. Way cool! Hours and hours of fun ahead! 🙂

    Here’s my flickr…


  6. Very cool!! I will have to try this.

    Here’s my flickr address

    Will you be sharing yours?


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