There’s a mouse in my pants!

Look into the stone-cold eyes of my kitty and ask yourself: Am I looking directly into the heart of a sick, trained killer?

Well, the answer is yes, and it’s also the reason we’re not getting a Writing Critique until tomorrow. Let me tell you the story…

As I prepared for bed at the ungodly hour of 2 a.m. last night, I closed my laptop and looked up just in time to see my cat chasing a mouse across the bedroom….. and directly into my pants!

Yes, the mouse took refuge in the pair of jeans I had left on the floor – maddening both me and the cat. What ensued could have been part of a well-choreographed comedy routine, as I danced around the room, mostly naked, squeamishly trying to shake a mouse out of a pair of pants, while my cat ran around in crazy circles below, trying to catch it.

I finally dislodged the rodent with a good shake of the wrist, and it went flying across the room and directly under the radiator.

The next hour was filled with meowing, scurrying, banging and squeaking as my two cats tried to remove the nimble thing from the heating unit. I sat, slightly shocked and half-asleep, trying to decide whether I should cheer them on in doing their domestic duties, or lock them out and let the mouse escape for the sake of some peace and quiet. I admit, I was a little intimidated by the fierce show of fangs, claws and “I-can-kick-your-ass-cus-I’m-a-predator” attitude.

I finally retired to the living-room couch, feeling slightly like a sick voyeur at a snuff film.

Suffice to say it was a long night, followed by a long day at work (sadly, the news business does not stop for weekends or holidays) and I’m about to hit the pillow like a sack of bricks right now. Goodnight!

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  1. LOL

    They look like my Moses & Emmy. And yes, it’s surprising when you see these cutie pies turn into their natural born killer mode!

  2. Great story!!! I often wonder about my two girls (cats) and what they would do if they ever saw a mouse. šŸ™‚
    Thanks for posting this great story!
    Todd in Santa Fe

  3. I guess better a voyeur than worrying for days as to the whereabouts of a tiny rodent. I have a dog whose breed were used for mousing…he’s a brussels griffon and since we live way outside of Phoenix…he finds plenty of things to hunt for.

  4. Had to laugh at that one!! And had to nominate you for an award! Check my blog…

  5. Wow, what an adventure and yet you were still coherent enough to write about it so entertainingly! I hope you get a much better night’s sleep tonight!

  6. LOL, LOL…..that is just too funny. Having had jungle attack cats; see a mouse and run away cats; and who cares just let me sleep cats, I can say that the jungle attack cats are about the funniest and most maddening when they find something invading their territory. Their focus and one-mindedness is amazing!!!

    LOL, you’re lucky you saw the tiny home invader trying to hide in your pants!! Who knows what might have transpired if you hadn’t noticed the “great escape”!!

    The pictures you have put in my head are just hysterical….LOL….what a great story! Thanks!!!

  7. Yikes!!!
    At least you got a good story out of the experience. And your cats got a bit of fun and exercise:)

  8. Funny story! I laughed out loud and read it to my husband! The closest thing I’ve had to this is my cat alerting me (via a long stare and sneaking after something behind the bookcase) that a 2 inch cockroach was in my apartment! When she finally flushed it out in the open I scooped her up with one hand and sprayed the heck outta it with a can of bug spray in the other.

    I was wondering if I could put my name in the hat for a description critique on my etsy site? Thanks!

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