My hat’s off to you…

No. I am decidedly not fashionably daring enough to wear one of Kankalin’s thrilling hats. But that doesn’t mean I can’t look and admire.

And look. And admire. And look…

Published in: on September 9, 2008 at 12:24 am  Comments (4)  

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  1. I remember when all women wore mother had some of the most beautiful hats I had ever seen. Those were the days that men too donned a hat.

    I love hats on women and wish the trend would return. If bellbottoms and hip-huggers can come back, why can’t the stylish hat??

    This beautiful hat is a wonderful choice to give special homage. I hope so many females in cyberspace fall in love with this hat, it sparks a comeback!!

    Come on ladies, lets cover all our naked heads!! LOL

  2. She uses great photos too!

  3. Oh I don’t have the nerve to wear one of these either but they are gorgeous!!

  4. Amazing hats. I couldn’t pull off the look either but it certainly is fun to look:)

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