I feel the need to mention that I found my cat trying to drag a copy of “The Sound and the Fury” into her litter box this evening.

Not liking William Faulkner is certainly a matter of personal preference, but sheesh!

UPDATE: I mistakenly identified the author earlier. That’s what I get for posting when I’m tired. “Sheesh” to me!

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  1. LOL! That is too funny. You don’t think she wants you to read it to her do you?? I have a cat full of mischief too. I never know what she is gonna do next. I swear she understands our conversations. Or . . . . maybe I shouldn’t admit I talk to my cat!!
    Glad you got some time away!!
    Todd in Santa Fe

  2. Don’t you think it’s possible that she just wanted some good bathroom reading?

  3. haha!!! that is too funny…
    glad you are back…

  4. Sounds like toilet reading to me! very sophisticated kitty!

  5. I agree with the above comments.
    You just have an exceptionally intelligent cat:)

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