Innermost Thoughts

Okay, everyone, finally! Get ready for a big ole Writing Critique! This week’s volunteer is… uh…. um……….uh……

[Amy, what are you thinking? You’re exhausted! There’s no way you can write a critique right now!]

No, really. I can do it. I just need to lay down and close my eyes… just for a second….then I’ll be ready…

[Listen. Put up some pictures of pretty pottery. Distract them with shiny objects. They’ll never know!]

I can’t, I promised! There are people out there with weak verbs and split infinitives…they need my help!

[Don’t worry. They’re good folk. They’ll understand if you miss a week. Just lay down. Just for a little while. Rockabye baby….]

No! I can… I just…. oh, damn, who am I fooling?


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  1. Ooooh… preeeetty… shiiiinny… ooobject…

  2. How deeply reflective,,, oH! There’s weird shaped but yummy looking pretzels in the gloriously shiny and beautiful vase… must find and consume high carb salty crunchy devoid of any nutritional value snack food…..

  3. mind is gone due to lack of power and air conditioning in 80 degree heat and 100% humidity due to Hurricane Ike. Can’t do much besides drag oneself to office which has power……

  4. Just woke up….FINALLY!! I don’t mind that you didn’t do a critique. I love looking at pictures of your pieces…they’re beautiful.

    Hmmmmm, Rockabye Baby?? Hope you’re not in the treetop…you think you have problems now…just watch out for the bough breaking!!!

    Mary of BIO (Brush It On)

  5. Poor thing! Birthday parties should only last a week at your age! The newsroom must be especially wild right now. Here’s a cuppa tea for when you come to.

  6. Very clever. I love shiny objects:)

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