Calling all jewelry designers!

In addition to my usual tableware, I made a few of these cute, whimsical porcelain beads to throw in the firing last week. I tried them with a glaze I’ve been experimenting with – a soft, more earthy spring-time green.

I was so excited when I reached the back of the kiln (where I had sneaked them in) and discovered the glaze came out even nicer than I had expected or hoped. I’m afraid I haven’t done a good job of capturing them in pictures – the color is so soft, with purple tones!

I am putting a little call out to you many jewelers out there, because I would love to see these hung on some earrings or incorporated into a necklace of some kind. I’m afraid I’m not up for learning how to do it myself at the moment, so I hope someone is willing to take the project on! I would love to see how they get used!


P.S. In all the kiln-firing excitement, I totally forgot the writing critique, didn’t I? Well let’s call September an every-other week critique month, and get back on track for October. We’ll just keep making it up as we go!

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  1. I can’t tell how big those are, but they would be lovely hanging on a christmas tree. They remind me of when you make cut-out cookies and the reverse design is left behind. Hence, they remind me of christmas.

  2. Those are adorable Amy! If you want to send me a couple I could whip up a pair of earrings for you. 🙂


  3. Being on a fixed income, it is RARE that I purchase little items for myself!!! This is just one of those treasures I HAD to HAVE….Sooooo, I luckily was able to get one before they’re all gone!!!

    Amy, I’m so excited to have one of your beautiful pieces for My Very Own… (make sure you pick one out for me that you like the best in color etc….LOL)!!!

    Now I’ll be accosting the mail carrier every day until it arrives……poor poor man!!!!

    Hugs…….Mary of Brush It On

  4. Hi heard you calling and came a runnin’! I’ll take one, they’re fabulous! Actually I stepped away and snatched it up, sorry ladies! 😀

  5. What a lovely little treasure! I’m not a jewelry designer but it sure looks like maybe you found yourself a second market with that gorgeous glaze. Little porcelain ornaments would be great too… How about some ceramic jammie dodgers? (just kidding)

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