Making Room

Tomorrow the boy and I are heading to the giant mega-Salvation Army store in Quakertown. Ostensibly, we’re going to go buy the makings of some Halloween costumes, but I have secret alternate motives that involve piles of cheap winter clothing.

To make room for the haul, I’ve spent the last two days going through every dresser drawer, closet and box, and stuffing garbage bags full of old stuff to be donated. It’s been sort of like a journey through time and waist sizes (When in hell did I ever fit into a size 6?).

Some of it brought back good memories, like the little tie-dye tank I wore to a music festival in probably 11th grade. Some of it…not so good (I actually wore that tiny skirt, with that top, to class???)

Much of it is in good condition, but simply no longer fits (on me, or with my lifestyle as a professional working gal). I look forward to dropping them all off…I hope they go on to make good memories for someone else!

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  1. Good for you! My mom made us twice a year go through our entire wardrobe, trying everything on -shoes, unmentionables, tops, outerwear, pjs, etc. – and donate everything that didn’t fit or we hadn’t worn in over a month. She refused to buy new clothes until she could see what we really needed. Her mantra was “what you don’t wear, won’t wear or doesn’t fit needs to go”.

  2. Right On!!! Cleaning out items that we’ll never wear (or Can’t wear!) is cathardic!! Elizabeth’s mom really had the right idea….good for her!!!

    If it’s going to Goodwill or the SA, make sure you note the items and costs for tax purposes!!!

    Ok, now I’m feeling shamed into getting that job done as well….Hmmmm, I did say cathardic didn’t I?? Guess its time for me to put up or shut up!!!!

    Mary of Brush It On 🙂

  3. You are so good. I have a terrible time letting go of things. The old ‘I might need that some day’ syndrome.

    Happy Shopping 🙂

    I’m looking forward to seeing your Halloween costume.

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