Keeps going, and going, and going….

What a hectic day! I had to rearrange my schedule today thanks to a surprise visit from Sen. John McCain. Otherwise our poor little intern would have been left all by himself to fend off thousands of rally-goers and a grim-faced national press corps (boy, those guys are a tired and grumpy looking group these days!).

I was so hungry I almost tried to steal something off the press corps buffet table, but a colleague warned me of dire, violent consequences (for some reason the local press does not seem very welcome at these things).

So I slipped off to Wawa instead, only to have Secret Service try to confiscate my coffee on the way back in. Sheesh. What am I going to do? Run like a mad woman through the crowd to the stage and try to scald his feet? Watch out, it’s dark roast!

Only two more days…

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  1. Too funny.

    But what a job to follow those guys around. Yikes!

    Sounds glamourous… until you know about it.

  2. Geez, sounds like things are getting worse. I think we’ll all be relieved after tomorrow’s over! Just going to be such a nerve racking day though. Hang in there dear friend – you’re doing a great job!

  3. I’m looking forward to the election being over myself.

    It does sound exciting, though and you certainly are getting your exercise.

  4. Geesh! Well, we’ll see what happens. By the way, I freaking love that Philadelphia’s trademark convenience store is named WaWa. so cool and slightly weird.

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