Hey folks, sorry the posts have been a little erratic lately. It’s been a crazy week! There’s been doctor’s visits, physical therapy from the crash and endless calls from the auto insurance and workman’s comp.

Then our lovely corporate offices decided to give the entire newspaper a little pre-holiday gift as thanks for our dogged and exhausting coverage of this election season:  Layoffs!

Yeah, bummer. But the good news is that there are enough people near retirement age who will take “voluntary layoffs” that they don’t need to start in with the “involuntary” ones. Which is good, because the initial phone call I got about it from the union was more or less, “You’re at the bottom of the seniority ladder, so dust off your resume and kiss that shiny little paycheck goodbye!”

But luckily, I spoke with more sober heads before the panic set in. In fact, I’m relatively safe for the moment, and my managers really want to try to keep me (I’m flattered!).

So yeah. If you’ve emailed me recently and haven’t gotten a reply back immediately, I hope this gives you a sense why.

I plan to spend the weekend staring at Karen Casey Smith’s gorgeous photos (like the one above) and imagining I’m in a Japanese Zen garden somewhere.

Don’t knock.

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  1. I can totally sympathize. Both my and my husband’s employers have announced lay offs. Thankfully my company did the same as yours, offering early out’s and year long leaves. My hubby’s didn’t but his department is already understaffed so we’re hoping he’ll be ok. *sigh* The economic times are a-changin’!Hopefully you are feeling better physically at least.

  2. Wow, thank goodness things turned out better and you (and others)kept a level head. It’s really great the ones that are close to retiring are volunteering, phew! Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

  3. Yikes, you’ve had a harrowing couple of weeks. I hope the meditating calms, what must be, some very frazzled nerves.
    That is a lovely photo. I’m going to take a look at her shop!

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