Holy $@#%!!! It’s cold out!

I mean, seriously degree-dropping, toe-numbing cold, all of a sudden. I even saw snow flakes today in my headlights on the way home, and just about crashed my car again in excitement (No, mom, that’s not true. I drove safe!).

But in celebration of these winter times, I’ve decided to spend a week featuring yarns, knits, crochet and other fuzzy finds. We can all revel in the changing season, and maybe warm ourselves through sheer force of will.

So the first pick are these adorable arm-warmers from the very stylish Black Mustard. I totally wish I had a pair of these right now, because I can pretty much update my blog with every part of my body under the bed covers besides my fingers, which kind of feel like they’re about to fall off. Oh well…. just the price I pay to bring these lovely artists to you!

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  1. I just heard that today we’re going to have 67 degree weather here in Colorado. Tomorrow, however, is going to be in the 30s with snow….so we’re being told. With that in mind, its about time I give my paint brushes a rest and get the knitting needles clicking!!! I’m glad you’re going to feature more knit/crochet finds like the beautiful one displayed today. I need a pair of these when I run out to the shed to my kiln!!! Great find and feature……

    Mary of Brush It On

  2. Oh it is bloody cold isn’t it! Great choices for the next week, can’t wait to see what you feature.

  3. 20s & 30s up here in upstate NY. And I’ve had a lot of outside work this week, which in a way, is good, inures me more readily to the changes.

    When our new Peruvian guest arrives around New Year’s though, she’ll be coming directly from the heart of the Peruvian summer.

    I wonder if she knows what she’s getting herself into!

  4. Move to Tucson! It was 84 here yesterday! AND I just looked at your shop – you’re from Philly! So are we! We’ve just been out here for 4 years.

    I Miss Philly.


  5. It’s in the chilly 60’s here in Dallas…scorching hot compared to my hometown, Chicago! I would kill for a dusting of snow here!

  6. Thanks so much for featuring my fingerless gloves! That’s so nice of you. This time of year is heaven for me because I can settle in with my knitting and a nice cup of tea and basically hibernate until Spring!

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