On Buying Handmade

I know we are just upon the time of year when everybody starts thinking, “Holy s#@t! I need to buy so-and-so a really great gift for [insert favorite holiday here]!!!”

And I know a lot of us are looking in the bank account and thinking maybe the grinch played a trick on us this year. But even if you’re short on dough, consider taking the handmade pledge. I think a heartfelt, small gift can still mean so much more when it’s handmade. And so many of the things I’ve bought from fellow artists and crafters (on Etsy and off) have had the added value of a story, and a person, behind them.

Plus there’s the satisfaction of knowing that your hard earned cash isn’t going wallow away in some rich person’s bank account. Chances are, it’ll go straight into someone else’s holiday funds!

I’ve featured a lot of talented folk over the past year on this blog, and you can bet I’ll be browsing through the archive this weekend, with a couple of special friends in mind.

I’ll also be cooking up a new writing critique over Thanksgiving, and hopefully planning a fun way to celebrate the upcoming 20K visitor benchmark (that one seemed to come a lot faster then the first 10K!).

If you’ve got some top handmade holiday picks, feel free to leave suggestions in the comments section. Maybe I can put together a little “gift guides” kind of package, starting next week.

Happy handmade holidays!
I Took The Handmade Pledge! BuyHandmade.org

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  1. Great topic Amy. I love handmade; have a story to tell about how I began to paint (has to do with a gun); have no money to buy gifts; and will give my hand painted ornaments and/or hand knitted items to family and friends.

    I do so love the holidays!!!!!

    Mary of Brush It On

  2. I’ve bought handmade gifts for years and have really enjoyed shopping of Etsy.
    I’m going to feature as many Etsy artists as I can in the next few weeks too.

  3. I just shopped from your blog! LOL I have traded with Black Mustard in the past –yarn for my daughter, but didn’t see the wrist warmers until I came across them on your blog. Ordering those for my son. Then I saw the dog sweaters and since we are going north and my little dog just got a haircut I’m getting him a sweater! Thanks for the help with shopping.

  4. Waterrose testifies to the invaluable service you’re providing to your fellow crafters. Paying it forward.

    May your good Karma come back around and pat you (gently) on the tuchas.

  5. Another handmade idea. Not found on Etsy, and certainly not local for anybody here in the USofA, but pretty cool nonetheless.

    The Leakey Collection is jewelry made by Masai tribeswomen and sold by descendants of Drs. Louis and Mary Leakey of African archaeological fame.

    Pretty stuff, too.


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