Girl from the North Country

Whenever I return to the cold, cold North, I realize that I’ve forgotten how much effort I need to spend staying warm here. I almost always fail to bring a hat, since I never seem to need one in Philadelphia (I wrap a scarf around most my head) and my mom clucks over the fact that I wear sneakers instead of snow boots.

I always tell my friends and coworkers in Philly that I can’t complain about the weather in Rochester, NY, or my mom will call me a “Southern Belle.” They laugh. They don’t believe me.

I told her that when she called me a Southern Belle this weekend, about 20 minutes after I got off the plane. She thought it was pretty funny too.

But seriously… My family decided today was such a “warm” 37 degrees, they would go out for ice cream. And they think I’m the one with a problem? (To be fair, I had the ice cream, too. But I kept my coat on.)

Anyways, that may be why I was immediately taken with Rawfish’s cozy handspun yarns when I spotted one on the front page of Etsy this evening. Don’t you want to wrap it up around you and curl into a ball? I know I do.

Well, it’s about time for bed. Three wool blankets and a heater, here I come….


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  1. This yarn is exquisite!!! I can close my eyes and almost feel the fibers between my fingers as I knit a lovely sweater for skiing or tromping in the snow. Or something I’d throw on to go out with friends. With hand dyed and spun yarn, you can never get enough for a sweater….sigh!! Just looking at this yarn gives me many ideas of how I would design something very special. I wish I had some…..oh, the longing…..

    Mary of Brush It On

  2. If you’re lucky your parents will retire to southern Arizona. I remember all the “winter wimp” talk when we moved from Maine to AZ… twenty years on my mother wears a down coat when the temperature dips below 60!

  3. You could just come visit me in Texas, where today was one of the coldest days yet this winter at 50 degrees. At least, it was cold for me, my boyfriend didn’t seem to notice.

  4. LOL, great story.
    Now I have another yarn shop to add to my fav stash.

  5. Being from Ohio and having now lived in Phoenix for 12 years I am such a cold weather wimp….but I absolutely love cold weather. I also forget to take reasonable clothing when I go north!

  6. I love that I can keep up to date on your activities through my email subscription to your blog. So even when I spend a crazy show filled weekend I was able to share in a good laugh about your mom and your “Southern Belle” experience. Hope you had a wonderful time despite the cold and those fibers are gorgeous!

  7. Hm…I eat popsicles all year, and live in Colorado…does that count? 🙂 Ice cream at 37 degrees sounds all right! Though I’d probably shiver.

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