Hot Tuna

Coming home late is no excuse not to bake, right? It isn’t in my book. I arrived home after a long, busy day, in need of a little nourishment. So I whipped together a little tuna noodle casserole, and tossed it in one of my porcelain serving dishes to bake (I’m happy to have found one with a chipped handle, so it has settled down to live with me). After it got hot and bubbly, I served it up in a handmade bowl with a generous dash of hot sauce. Yum, yum.

In other satisfying news, I was stoked this evening to see one of my cups featured on the official Etsy “blog”: The Storque. Although I’m a little dismayed to see it accompanying a video on drilling holes in teacups. Just what are they saying here, huh?

Still, it’s an honor, and I’m delighted.

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  1. Such a beautiful presentation. I love tuna and I particularly love your porcelain serving dish!!

    I’ve seen your lovely items featured in the Gifts sections as well…..good for you!!!

    Mary of Brush It On

  2. Yummy!!!! You get the “Spreader of Love” Award!!!! Visit my blog to receive it!!!!

  3. Just too delicious for words… and your casserole looks pretty yummy too. 😉

  4. The food looks so comforting and is just lovely in your handcrafted serving dish.

  5. Reminds me of the Martha Stewart episode where she drilled holes in a pair of 4 foot tall Ming vases… not repros but the real thing… like they were accessories from the Dollar Store. Never watched her again.

    Still… a sale is a sale. Still loving your mug!

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