Shopping Around

Doing some Etsy holiday shopping gives me a good excuse to look through my favorited shops and check out all the new exciting stuff they’ve added!

Like Deana, at OctopusMe, who has this amazing new cast sterling silver octopus necklace, with a little blue diamond. I have one of her gorgeously detailed creations and I wear it all the time (to the puzzlement of my coworkers, I believe). And yes, she casts them with real octopus.

And also yes, I have been criticized in the past by animal rights supporters for promoting her shop. In response, I asked Deana to explain a little bit about her process to me. This was her response:

“Yes, (the octopus is) sushi grade from the store. Some eat it, I just turn it in to art. The original octopus tentacle is burnt out in the kiln to make a negative space of the piece. Then molten metal is heated and thrown in to the flask to get the shape and texture. Then it is cleaned with files, brushes, etc. I mold it next so the same piece is used over and over :). There are actually only 4 tentacle pieces used in all of my designs. But after I cut off the tip for art, photograph it for my business cards, I eat it!!! It’s good and not cheap! ha ha ha! So there is no killing here, no poaching, no waste and no rotting octopus inside 🙂 It’s just a little food, fun and art! Just like life should be…”

Perhaps not a good gift for vegetarians, but as an omnivore (who sometimes wears leather and enjoys calamari now and again) I think it’s really a very clever way to create something so unusual and beautiful.

Either way, it sure is a conversation starter!

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  1. I love that! It is interesting and beautiful.

  2. It certainly is unique and beautiful!

  3. Ha! Love it! 🙂

  4. I too find it very interesting and creative. I would most certainly wear it…there is no waste or random killing here!!! God gave us the seas to fish for food. The fact that some of us are creative enough to use the same creature for more than just food should be celebrated….not criticized!! Some people are just so narrow-minded.

    Its a beautiful and unusual….I love it!!

    Mary of Brush It On

  5. What a unique idea. Very clever of her to have thought of these designs.

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