…Is approximately the sound of my head exploding.

“Sure, Amy, of course!” I though to myself earlier this evening, as I drove home from work. “It’s entirely possible to finish your entire photoshop final exam in a single night, then come home, package up all your new orders, photograph all your newly fired Shino cups and list them on Etsy. No sweat.”

For the record, I did actually get it all done. But after I finally finished packing up all my orders (using every last scrape of news sheet in the house… a resource which, as a newspaper writer, I thought was infinite) and then turned on my computer to find ANOTHER ORDER… I nearly lost it.

Which is silly, of course, since orders are obviously awesome things. But it’s exciting and happy when they come every couple of days. It’s more like “pull-my-hair-out-and-think-holy-sh*t-what-did-I-get-myself-into??” when you’re getting slammed with a ton at once.

But on the good side, I’ve learned a *lot* of lessons this season about running a pottery business. Next year, I’ll know that summers are for creating and listing, listing, listing so I don’t get caught in these week-before-the-holidays all-nighters.

(Or maybe I should just start drinking more coffee!)

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  1. Yes, coffee would probably help short term but learning the lessons sounds like the best idea, I’m right there with you… lessons learned.

  2. My vote’s for more coffee.

    Not because it’s the sensible choice. It’s just more entertaining on this end.


  3. Good lessons to learn for the upcoming year!!! I need to learn how to market better…utilizing the computer, which is don’t really know much about!!

    BTW, I’m not automatically getting your post again!! I’ve tested my email and it is working fine.

    Mary of Brush It On

    • Mary, when I post really late (or rather, really early in the morning) I miss the deadline for the email service and it gets sent the next day. Sorry!

  4. Who needs sleep to function anyway? Congrats on the orders! At least people are buying your gorgeous pottery and you are building up your customer base and business. Put your friends to work boxing up orders – that is what they are for ya know. *wink*

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