A happy last day of 2008 to you all!

I was a little sad leading up to today, because I had high hopes that the boyfriend and I would be able to take some time off, pack up the car and take a little road trip to Upstate New York to see my family for New Years. Yet despite the vacation time request, when his boss posted this week’s schedule his name was listed on every single day! What a big bummer.

To make it up to me, he offered to cook dinner (I don’t know what yet, although he was talking up his sesame encrusted red snapper…) and charged me with making dessert.

I started looking through cookbooks last night in search of the perfect new years sweet to accompany an unknown dinner, but nothing struck my fancy. I suddenly realized, “Duh! I’ve been reading cooking blogs nonstop! Why not look there?” A great idea, but I was quickly overwhelmed by the mad creations of master pastry chefs! I sure wish I had the talent to create Cannelle et Vanille’s Caramel, Green Apple and Milk Chocolate Mousse, or the know-how to recreate La Tartine Gourmande’s decadent Special Occasion Cake.

Finally, after much searching for a simple recipe and drooling, I settled on trying Tartlette’s Espresso and Dark Chocolate Pots de Creme. It seems basic enough, and I can make it ahead and chill it until after dinner. Plus, who doesn’t want to start the new year with espresso and dark chocolate!?

I’ll tell you how it turns out! Happy New Years!

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  1. Elegant blog!

    I have photos and more photos. 🙂

    My shop:
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  2. I have a fab four minute chocolate mousse recipe. As staying in is the new going out, eating at home and entertaining will surge. I’ll swap you….!

  3. Yummy! I would go for that desert anytime day or night. Excellent choice. Can’t wait to hear how it turned out……the desert AND the meal.

    Mary of Brush It On

  4. Yuuum! Wishing you a fabulous New Year my friend! Enjoy your delicious dinner and dessert – can’t wait to hear all about it!

  5. Espresso and dark chocolate. Great choice. I’m sorry you couldn’t go on your trip but it sounds like you had a lovely alternative.
    Happy New Year!

  6. Thank you for stopping by! I am looking forward to discovering your pottery in 2009!

    Glad you liked the pots de creme and that they turned out well!

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