Car Adventures – Part I


Have I mentioned how much I love my car?

I love driving down the highway. I love the fact that I can leave at any time, and go pretty much anywhere I want to. Even at times in my life when I was pretty down and didn’t feel like I had much to call my own, I treasured my car and the degree of freedom it afforded me when I needed it.

So you might imagine how I felt when I was walking to the pottery studio Saturday afternoon and my boyfriend pointed to a side street and said, “Hey, didn’t you park your car there last night? Where’d it go?”

“Hrmmm,” I said, after a long pause. “I did park it there. It appears to be gone.”

Luckily, a number of other cars also appeared gone from what is usually a pretty tightly packed space – a good sign that the Philadelphia Parking Authority had done one of its irregular sweeps, clearing out cars from the commonly ignored “no parking” blocks. And with the mayor confronting a budget crisis, it’s been worse than usual lately.

“Oh, yeah. We sure got your car,” said the cheerful tow lot  attendant when I called, before I had barely got past describing the color of the vehicle. “Picked that one up this morning!”

Two hours of standing in line, watching parking authority personnel try to fix a broken photocopier, and waiting in cold outside the gate later, and after paying $150 plus a normal parking ticket, I was reunited with my sweet little Honda. The parking authority had taken the liberty of writing several lines of ID numbers across the windshield in bold white paint, however.

“Can I wash that off with something?” I asked the attendant, as he opened the gate for me.

“Oho no, there’s no way to wash that off!” he laughed. “You’re going to need to scrape it off with a razor.”

Figures. But at least my car is back and business, and I’m free on the road again.

At least for now…. (part II tomorrow)

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  1. You know, I gotta tell yah, I do not miss those days in NYC AT ALL (and no, I didn’t leave the caps lock on by accident). I remember all too well the “sweeps” during city money crunch time, ugh! I’m so sorry you had to go through this. Not sure I want to hear about part two but you know I’ll be checking in. Hang in there dear friend♥

  2. Oh, Amy! Oh, what an awful experience. Unfortunately, you (one) could probably blog daily about cars and car tsuris.

    Two weeks ago, my truck cost $2000 for maintainace, Judy’s car cost $900 the following week, and then two days ago, I got hit up for a $500 loan to a friend whose car required repairs before inspection approval. Oy!

    Driving the icy roads this morning though, through the sleet and freezing rain, I was sure grateful to have a car and not have to depend on my town’s abysmal public transpo!

  3. So were you featured on that TV show “Parking Wars”? It shows the PPA towing, ticketing, and booting cars as part of their daily job plus the impound lot. Pretty interesting show to watch when you can’t sleep at night. 🙂

  4. Ugh! How frustrating. I’m glad you got your car back. There’s more?!
    Can’t wait to read part 2.

  5. Amazing is all I can say!!! I’ve always wanted to visit your area of the country…..think I’ll leave my car at home! Sure glad that attitude hasn’t caught on here in Colorado or I might be scraping HIM off the windshield!!

    Mary of Brush It On

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