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One of the things I would like to do more in 2009 is give you a peek into my process and my studio. I think it’s fun to see a little behind-the-scenes when it comes to people’s creative endeavors!  If there is anything else you would especially like to see up here in the next year, then please give me some feedback, since I’ve thinking a lot about the direction I want this blog and my Etsy shop to go as I move into year two.

Pictured above are some new cups I’ve been working on. They are a direct outgrowth of this style, but larger and with a more rounded body. In this picture they’ve been thrown on the wheel, allowed to sit and harden, and then I attached the handles. After I attach the handles I tightly wrap the cups in plastic and allow them to sit for several days.

If I was using a hardy stoneware clay, I could just let them dry out at this point and go into the kiln. But since I use a finicky white porcelain clay (the poodle of all clay bodies, in my opinion), I let them sit under plastic until the handles and body of the piece achieve the same moisture level and can dry evenly together. Otherwise the handle dries out more quickly and cracks off. Major pain in the butt! But the porcelain allows me to achieve those pretty, pretty glaze colors, so it’s a worthy trade off…

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  1. I love the sneak peek. Thanks. Whatever you show will be interesting.

  2. Getting sneak peaks and information on how you do the wonderfully artistic things you do is so interesting. I love seeing the pics and reading about your process. Yes, please, continue sharing and educating us!!

    Mary of Brush It On

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