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Oh my goodness, I’m going to bed at 10:30 p.m.! It’s a new record in early bedtimes for me… my usual is about four or five hours later than this. Why the early lights out? Well, my poor boyfriend (let’s call him D. from now on, shall we?) needs three (!) root canals and has a monster toothache. So he’s been taking several tylan0l p.m.’s in the evening and crashing early until the dentist can go to work on him on Thursday. It’s been influencing my schedule too…I’ve been hitting the hay pre-stroke of midnight, and actually waking up with enough time and energy to jump on the exercise bike in the morning. I guess one man’s toothache is another woman’s energy bar! (Does that even make sense?)

Totally unrelated, but also awesome, is this adorable robot ring from Melissa Abram. Her shop is chock-full of all kinds of retro-fabric jewelry. Hmmm…maybe the matching robot bobby pins would make a nice little reward for all this gym-time I’ve been putting in…

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  1. I guess one man’s toothache is another woman’s energy bar! ….. Amy, that is just too funny!!! LOL It’s nice that you’re being reminded how “norman” people get rejuvinating rest each and every night….so happy you could give it a try…LOL!!!

    Hope all goes well for D on Thurs. Root canals are certainly jaw tiring….you have to have your mouth open for hours!! He will feel ever so much better once it’s all over.

    Cute ring. I’m too old to wear it, but it’s still cute!!

    Mary of Brush It On

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