High and dry

I know a particular person (not going to name names, here) who, in a sincerely well-intentioned effort to preserve my tabletops, would put his drinks down on my books.

Now, as an unapologetic bibliophile, I admit that I lost my head once or twice about this. I would give any number of tabletops for my old beat-up copy of Animal Farm, or The Idiot. It seemed to be a cultural gulf that we simply couldn’t communicate across.

I found that the best way to prevent water rings on my Shakespeares, and steam coming out my ears, was to have copious number of coasters hanging around on every surface. I mean, something like these soft, fuzzy coasters from Blue Hair Knits practically beg to snuggle up to the bottom of a coffee mug.

So if you’ve ever had this sort of problem, spare yourself some anxiety, spare whatever surfaces you value most, and go invest in some coasters!

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  1. well-intentioned effort to preserve my tabletops, would put his drinks down on my books

    That would make me upset…I think that’s why I did invest in coasters!

  2. Awk! I hate water rings as well, they drive me nuts! Love those darling coasters you’ve selected too, perfect ammunition for the stray glass or cup.

  3. I love coasters! It is a habit my mom instilled in us when young and I use today. These are very cute!

  4. Great coasters….gives me some ideas for adding to my own personal collection….gotta get out the paints and paper and glass!!!

    Sooooooo, is the nameless one using the coasters???

    It’s such a small cultural gulf in the overall scheme of life…happy is hasn’t derailed the entire train!!! LOL

    Mary of Brush It On

    • Lol, Mary, I don’t think it is who you think it is… it’s a friend…

  5. I am terribly protective of my books, so I completely understand your reaction.
    Those are cute coasters and they look like they would work well, though they aren’t quite my style.
    Thanks for sharing another etsy find.

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