Thanks, Mom


Yeah, I might have rolled my eyes when you got me another pair of silk long underwear. I mean, compared to growing up in frigid Rochester, N.Y., Philly is a more of an equatorial rainforest climate.  And honestly, how many pairs of wool socks does a gal need?

But I take it all back. I’m going to be standing still out in near-freezing temps on Tuesday for probably upwards of ten to twelve hours, and I’m seriously thankful for it all. Those high-tech super-warm ski gloves from L.L. Bean that I shoved in a drawer? Totally gonna need them. That fleece lined hat that I never liked to wear cus it messed up my hair? I’m breakin’ it out. That little windbreaker you insisted I bring back to Philly “just in case”? Perfectly fits under my winter jacket.

Combined, of course, with the 100% silk drawers you sent me, the expensive SmartWool socks and the nice scarf you got me last Hanukkah…I plan on being snug as a bug. I did a test-run of my cold-proof outfit today and was instantly sweltering in my warm apartment. A good sign. This is one of those times that I’m so glad I came from the land of ice and snow…I not only have the gear, but I know how to dress for the weather. I hope that it’ll make the next few days an enjoyable, exciting experience, instead of a chilly, grueling one.

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  1. Yes! Thank goodness for moms. Be warm and safe my muddy buddy. I’m sure all of us at the emt will be living through your eyes and writings this week. What a life changing experience this will be for all of us.


  2. Oh yes, we northern gals know exactly what gear is necessary and/or desired!! No guessing on our parts.

    Yup, we moms just don’t listen to the protests…we dole out what we know you “kids” should have just in case and what will come in handy one day. Yup, moms are like that…yes we are!!

    Wishing you safe travels, continually sharp pencils, and the endless supply of paper!! Can’t wait to read your various accounts of the exciting events…

    Mary of Brush It On

  3. Oh! Yes, I also have been on the receiving end of gifts that at the time were kinda, whack… but sooner or later THEY TOTALLY are appreciated and come in handy! Way To Go Moms! My mother one time kept giving me these little folded plastic rain bonnets the kind with the plastic ties and garish printed designs on them, (insert rolling of the eyes here) But, in at least 3 occasions.. yup. Thank goodness I HAD them in my purse. And I had one for everyone in my group! Saved the Hair they did!
    Thumbs up on whatever you are going to be enjoying rather then enduring.

  4. I agree. Hoorah for moms.
    I’ll be thinking of you on Tuesday and can’t wait to hear all the details of your adventure.

  5. I’m so happy your family had the foresight to give you all the gear you’ll need and I hope you truly enjoy your time watching history being made. I’m so immensely proud to know you and will think of you throughout the day on Tuesday. Safe travels my friend.♥

  6. Hurray for Moms! Amazing how they know stuff like that. Guess it comes along with the eyes in the back of head thing. Don’t forget super comfy shoes! Goes without saying to make sure you write stuff down so you’ll have great stories to tell in 50 years or so.

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