Lately I’ve been making a couple of new stamps. Nothing complex, just some simple shapes like this little spiral and scroll, that I can play around with. They take a long time to carve, since they are very small and I etch them out of a special high-density foam with an exacto-knife.

But each one is like a little riff in an improvised song, they give me something to combine and re-combine with existing shapes and pieces, and a jumping off point for future designs. They also look lovely on their own and stamped into little shapes destined to be pendant beads.

Maybe they won’t wind up in any grand artwork or series of pieces, but it is nice (especially after the busy holiday season!) to have a chance to relax with my pottery and play around a bit!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE seeing the inside happenings of your work. I had no idea you created stamps for your and this scroll is GORGEOUS!! Speaking of destined for greatness, your work and beads, I’m off to send you a convo. 😉

  2. Ohhhhhh, I think the shapes are wonderful. I can already see them in several ideas I have!! I’ve never tried carving….that takes a talented and steady hand. Can’t wait to see what you do with these! Ahhhh, that “downtime” is so wonderful to actually experiment and explore new materials and new ways to do things…….Have Fun!!!

    Mary of Brush It On

  3. Very cool stuff. I love your designs.

  4. I wonder how the high density foam works on clay; does it stick or get enough clay on it to change the stamps; are they easy to clean; can you dip them in slip & apply to clay.

    I have used stamps made from clay & bisqued them. They are easy to clean but need to dry out again if they need to be washed.


  5. looks like a piece of Käse-Sahne-Torte to me 🙂 make sure nobody takes a bite!

    nice design!

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