Does that look like an ad for iStockphoto?

MuHAHAHAHA! That’s just what you’re supposed to think! Actually, it’s my homework from the class I’m taking right now in Adobe InDesign.

You may remember way back when I was taking a Photoshop course. Despite the very steep learning curve (I found out that actually, taking photos does not much prepare you to understand photoshop) I managed to pass (and do quite well!). Now I’ve graduated on to InDesign, which is mostly a layout and graphic design program. I basically walked in the door of the class having no idea what the program was about, but it’s two weeks in and I already like it a lot.

So far we are just learning basic tools and how to make ad mock-ups based off of originals the teacher hands out. But it’s satisfyingly challenging (that little curved line that goes across the page was my major accomplishment of the evening) and I am definitely going to make an “Amy Esther Ceramics” brochure as one of my projects.

Hurray for learning new things!

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  1. Hurray for you for learning new things.
    I hope you post some pics of your brochure.

  2. I loved using InDesign in school. Wish it wasn’t so bloody expensive or I’d buy it just to play.

  3. That is great. I have the CS3 package and am slowly and painfully learning how to use it. Thankfully I grew up on Freehand and Pagemaker so it gave me a good start.

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