Road Trippin’


Last weekend D. and I hopped in a car and took a two night trip covering at least three states, four boroughs of New York and visiting large numbers of family and friends along the way.

The ride culminated in a picturesque evening at a mansion in Princeton, N.J., where one of D.’s painter friends was having an art event. There was huge paintings along every wall, fancy catered tidbits, snow around the courtyard pool and plenty of wine and friends. It’s hard to think of any good description for it, besides lovely.

When the opening wound down, the party began. Those of us who were hardy and young stayed up late, raiding the fridge, talking and generally making mischief and having a wonderful time. But the nicest part of my night was when D. slipped away into the other room and snuck back with a beautiful flower for me, pilfered from one of the huge arrangements (“They won’t notice,” he said).

Not only has it stayed open and beautiful for several days now, but it is filling my apartment with the most amazing strong fragrance.  Every time I walk in the door and get a whiff of it, it’s a reminder of sweetness, friends and happy times….

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  1. That story was priceless~ what a gentle soul. By the way that is my favorite flower and we have a bunch of it in our home almost all year. And you are right the scent of that flower is heavenly. It’s called a stargazer.

  2. What a wonderful posting Amy. I loved hearing about your weekend and felt as though I was right there with you. I adore lilies and their incredible fragrance.

  3. One of my clients had one of those last week. Smelling that fragrance made my day!

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