My Poor Baby


On Saturday night, D. and I were supposed to go to a party. I baked chocolate brownies with white chocolate chunks, and he made some incredible habanero-lime-caramel sauce to drizzle over them, with some ice cream.

Then disaster struck. While I was working in the studio in the early evening, someone broke the driver’s side window of my car and opened it up.

They stole the brownies.

They stole the sauce. They stole the nice pottery dishes I was going to serve them on, which was all in a bag together. They stole the clothes I was going to wear to the party, as well as my homework and notes for my InDesign class. For good measure, they cleaned my glove compartment of my insurance and registration cards.

Basically, they got nothing of any value to them, and several things that held value to me. Bummer. We wound up skipping the party, D. picked me up and we bought a club to put on the wheel of the car so it would be safe until Monday. My poor baby is now parked out by the curb with a plastic bag taped over the window, looking very South Philly.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, I spent over an hour and over $8 getting to work via public transportation this morning (since I wasn’t about to drive my window-less car). Then, after I was at work for about three hours, another reporter showed up (we only have one person work the Sunday morning shift) and asked me what I was doing there. I had been rescheduled to have a three-day weekend, and work next Saturday instead. DOH!! So I had woken up early and worked half my shift, and I wasn’t even supposed to be there.

Luckily, I was able to redeem my afternoon. One of my friends, after hearing my tale of woe, invited me over for an afternoon of sipping beers, watching Disney movies and ordering out for pizza. Thank god there is little that singing along to all the songs in The Little Mermaid won’t fix.

Now if only I could get Disney to fix my window as easily…

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  1. Oh Amy, I am SO sorry!! What a weekend you had! I remember those days in NY all too well, never quite knowing what I’d find when I went to my car, ugh! Did I ever tell you about the time my back windshield was cut out while taking my son’s birthday cake up to our apartment (middle of a Sat. afternoon of course)? But that’s a story for another time and all of this is to say I understand too well how you feel. I hope the coming week is MUCH better for you and your baby is back in one piece very soon!

  2. How awful!! I am so sorry this happened to your baby and you….what is wrong with people?? Just proves my opinion that this country is completely out of control!! Thank God you were not right there yourself or you could have been hurt.

    I too know how you feel. I was robbed at gunpoint at work (a bank…less than a year later, I was robbed again at the bank and two months later my house was broken into and all my inherited diamond jewelry was stolen. Sooooo, I felt very violated at work and at home!! For awhile I didn’t feel safe anywhere… a very nasty feeling!!

    Hang in there, time will help…it always does!! It also helps to know that these types of people live with very bad karma and sooner or later they do reap their just rewards!!!

  3. Sorry, just in case you didn’t realize, that last post was from me:

    Mary of Brush It On LOL LOL

  4. How awful. I’m sorry too. That’s the second bad thing to happen to your baby.
    LOL those must have been some brownies 🙂

    Thank goodness for friends. Pizza and Disney movies, what a great idea.

  5. Amy… these car issues are crazy…. I wish I could fix everything… like magical pottery good witch…

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