Grand Opening – Free Giveaway!!

Woot! Woohoo!! It’s here! Allow me to present my brand new shop for ceramic art beads: Amy Esther’s Bead Boutique!!!

Yes, I’ve been working hard – stamping, glazing and listing like mad! I plan to have TONS more beads in the next couple of weeks (including different exciting shapes) so I’ll be updating with new designs as they arrive!

To celebrate this exciting moment I am going to have a FREE BEAD GIVEAWAY! YAY!  To win the bead pictured above, simply leave a comment on this post with your favorite pick from the new shop! Second place will win a 20% discount on any size bead order. The winners will be selected by a random number generator on April 1.


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  1. Beautiful beads! This one’s my favorite:

    I like the moon too!

  2. Congratulations Amy! I remember when you posted your very first pendants in the Night Kitchen and they were gone before I could even look at them. Your new shop looks wonderful, I wish you the best!

    I love this one,
    I envision many necklace designs with this piece.

  3. You have put me on the stop now, I like all of them!
    But to break with tradition of always loving the blue and green beads best I have to pick this one –
    It is a stunning glaze and completely different to what I normally like.
    Your photography for this new shop is excellent by the way… well done!

  4. Amy,


    I wish I had extra cash right now, you don’t even know!!! I WANT THAT MOON PENDANT!!!

    My favourites are most certainly the moon, the heart, and the feather pendants. Ugh, I want them all. Haha. 😀

  5. Wow! I really didn’t expect that! I thought by ‘ceramic beads’ you meant bead shaped stuff. These are awsome!!! I love them. Totally unique. Keep going, and good luck, Jackie

  6. How very exciting!!! Amy, you have made it nearly impossible to pick a favorite. After much discussion with myself, I decided to pick one with my favorite color, which is blue. So here it is:

    The deep red large open circle (or O) is also a wonderful piece that captured my imagination and heart!!

    Your new shop is wonderful. I can’t believe you were able to keep this all a secret from us….you naughty person you!!! LOL LOL

    I am so happy for you and know this shop will be an instant hit!!

    Mary of Brush It On

  7. these are so beautiful ! I can’t believe you don’t have a sale yet so I’m going for the first. Come on everyone and join me making sales here ! anyway, I love the heart which I’m going now to buy and then my second favorite is the leaf I see sitting next to the sugar bowl on this page (which I don’t see in the etsy shop) Great stuff !

  8. Congratulations!! Love the new shop and I’m sure you’ll do fabulously!! Of course my fav is the blue moon but honestly Amy they’re ALL beautiful!

  9. Lovely new shop.
    Hmmmm, my favorite…. the red hoop pendant.

  10. Ok…I’m so lucky!! I got a Red Hoop….YIPPEE!! I also want a Mist Flower on the Blue!!!

    Mary of Brush It On

  11. Congratulations on your new shop! I wish you every success.
    Your beads are just amazing – so earthy and natural. ONE of my favorites is the blush spiral

  12. I love your beads! They are very unique!

    This one is my favorite!

  13. congrats !!!! hard to pick just one 🙂
    However one of my very favorite is the Green Mist Flower Pendant Bead

  14. amy
    these are, not surprisely, gorgeous.
    there’s only one hitch – how to choose ?
    i’m thinking about 3 maybe one for me and 2 others as
    so i’ll let you know soon.
    glad to continue to watch your love of nature and your creative talents grow.

  15. Awesome new shop!

    My favorite is the Blush Spiral Pendant…


  16. Amy,

    I love everything about your work–the colors, textures, designs, everything! I am very happy with the cabs I bought. Now if I just had some time to bead them!

    Many thanks, Paula

  17. Amy, I forgot to say which one was my favorite–the moon, which I bought! Paula

  18. I love this mint green

    Congrats on your new Etsy shop!

  19. My fave is definitely Green Diamond Spiral Bead. It speaks to me.

  20. Wow those are some beautiful beads that you have created…I love this particular one Large Diamond Scroll Bead – High Fired Handmade Porcelain for 2 reason i love the design and color and secondly it has a S shape which is what my name starts with…
    Great work!!!

  21. Amy, I love all your beads and it’s hard to pick out just one! But, if I had to pick a favorite, it would be the Red Lightening Heard Pendant

    You do beautiful work!

  22. I can’t get over my love for the green mist flower pendant.

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