Wow! I never would have expected nine sales in the first three days of my shop opening!! (plus a few pottery sales this week!)

This has really been a great week, and thank you to everyone who have been so supportive of my new shop (especially dad, for the big email blast).

Actually, I was planning on growing my listing inventory this week, but I’m working just to keep the store stocked at what I opened with! I’m not complaining, though! In fact, I just glazed a whole bunch of new beads in some fun, exciting shapes, and I expect they will be fired by the end of the week. I spent forever glazing them, although I got a little (reluctant) help from D. He’s more a of a big sculpture guy, so wiping glaze off fifty little beads for me was not exactly his cup of tea! Still, we got them done by the end of the night.

Can’t wait to see how they turn out!

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  1. Congratulations on your success! That is a very yummy looking glaze you have there. All nice and spec-ally. Are working in an electric/oxidation environment?

    • Thanks Heidi! Actually I fire in a big ole gas reduction kiln!

  2. WOW, nice week you’ve had!! I am thrilled for you. I’m sure it really wasn’t that bad for D. to help because he was with you..:-) LOL

    I absolutely love the color of the bead pictured. It denotes strength of spirit!! I hope you’ll go down the list of your new beads and picture one every day (no matter what you’re writting about). They are so much fun to see in big pictures…brings them up close and personal!!

    Keep having fun……

    Mary of Brush It On

  3. I’m not the least bit surprised Amy. Your pendants are gorgeous and supplies is definitely the place to be these days! 😉

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