Adventures in Baking


So, I had a little time last night and figured I would make myself something for breakfast this week. And since I had a can of pumpkin hanging around in the pantry, I thought: Pumpkin muffins! So far so good.

Pretty quickly into the recipe, I had to start changing some things up. It called for molasses, which I didn’t have. So heck, I thought, I’ll just sub in some dark corn syrup. It also called for brown sugar, which I belated realized I was out of. Okay, just use regular white. It also called for raisins, which I don’t like, so I replaced them with chocolate chips and pecans.

But shortly after I poured in the can of pumpkin, I realized something was wrong. I double-checked the recipe and realized that I was only supposed to put in *one cup* of pumpkin… not one 16 oz can. Okaaay, I thought. I’ll just add some more flour. And a little pinch more of baking soda. Unfortunately, I was so concerned with that slip-up, that I completely forgot to add any spices or cinnamon.

In other words, it turned out to be my own, completely made-up pumpkin muffin recipe! And I have to say, despite it all, they weren’t too bad. I mean, I won’t be entering them in any cooking competitions any time soon, but I probably will eat one for breakfast at least.

Oh well… not every one can be a winner, right?

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  1. LOL…just the fact that you had the presence of mind to add and adjust makes you a winner!!!

    I’ll never forget the trouble I had with oatmeal cookies….I followed the recipe to a tee, but they still came out all soupy. Yup, after baking the very first pan full, I realized I’d forgotten to put in the oatmeal…DUH!!!

    Sooooo, we’re still winners. We’re just winners with lots of very important stuff on our minds!! LOL

    Mary of Brush It On

  2. Sounds like a large batch of quick bread I have made, green tomato, fig, carrot bread/cake. Turned out super good. Sometimes the best recipes are accidents. To jazz your muffins up make a drizzle of cinnamon, powdered sugar, butter or margerine and use as a topping over your warmed up yummies!

  3. All too many of my cooking experiments turn out this way. As long as they’re kinda nummy, I’m happy…I do like the idea of the drizzle in the comment above though!

    You’ve received an award — come on over to my blog to have a look!

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