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Like many, I get periodic emails from Etsy about success and branding and whatnot. I usually have time to skim though before clearing them out of my inbox.

But this week something caught my attention: a “Quit your Day Job” feature about thepatacakebaby. Like many successful sellers, she talked about the importance of relisting and renewing items. But she mentioned, in a sort of off handed way, that her Etsy bill usually runs around a few hundred dollars.

A few hundred??? Mine is usually between $5-10!! That suggests to me that I am not even in the right ballpark. I’m not even sure I have enough time to list that much (I do have a day job, after all), but I’m making it a goal to spend $50 on relisting this month and see if it makes a difference. That’s about 8-10 listings a day, I figure.

I’ll let you know if it helps my sales!

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  1. In the meantime, are you keeping any books to tell if you’re making money and how much?

  2. I’d be interested in knowing if renewing frequently works too. I keep hearing about it on Etsy.

  3. I’m not selling at quite the same rate as the QYDJ seller, but here’s my opinion after almost 1400 sales:
    Relisting: If you’re relisting items because they sold, then yes, relist as much as possible because again, these items sold.
    Renewing: If you’re renewing unsold items just to get them to the top of the list, I think this is a waste of money. Promoting your shop (driving traffic to your page) will get you more views than renewing. And I’d rather spend that time creating more new items to list than racking up a huge renewing bill.
    $2 to list 10 new items is better than $2 to renew 10 unsold items.

    • You advice makes lots of sense and I really appreciate. My question is: Everyone says you have to drive traffic to your site, but exactly how do you do that?? Thanks for any info you can share. Mary

      • Mary- I think different things work for different people and it can vary depending on what you sell and nature of your business (hobby, parttime, fulltime, Etsy only, wholesale, etc).
        About half my sales come from Etsy, the other half from shows, consignment in local B&Ms, wholesale to out-of-town B&Ms and direct sales. So much of my promoting comes from my other venues: passing out business cards at shows, links to my shop from shows’ websites, word-of-mouth from other customers, etc.
        I’ve also done some cooperative magazine ads with Etsy and Project Wonderful online ads. Just as everyone’ business is different, our promotions will be different and the same things won’t work for everyone. It takes some trial and error (which I’m still going thru) to finds what works for your shop. And even then, as the world constantly changes, I’m sure our promotions will have to keep evolving, too.

  4. Wow, I can’t imagine spending that much. I want to know how much she brings in each month as well.

    Since my Etsy shop has been ignored for the last four months (for a very good reason), I really need to get busy and evaluate everything connected to it.

    Great subject….thanks for the nudge I’ve needed.

    Mary of Brush It On

  5. It’ll be interesting to see how your experiment goes.
    Re-listing has brought me one (maybe) sale. Even in the months when I’ve spent close to $50.

    I can’t see spending $100 plus. I’ve very skeptical that this would work. There’s just so much competition and newly listed items fly off the first few pages in a matter of minutes, if they ever get on the first pages in the first place. Although, it probably makes a difference which category you are in.

  6. I agree, I can’t even imagine having an Etsy bill that high. I’m surprised if mine reaches $15. Granted if she’s making lots of sale, some of that would be from transaction fees, not just relisting. I’d be interested to see a breakdown of relisting unsold items, vs items that sold vs transaction fees.

    Good luck on your experiment!

  7. YOur ceramic items are just beautiful. I hope you find a strategy that works and brings the results you want.

  8. […] to everyone who commented the other day about my little experiment to spend $50 this month […]

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