View from the Ferris Wheel


My mom, who is afraid of heights, always talks about how she got talked into going on a ferris wheel one time, and what a terrifying experience that was.

I always kinda laughed at it, but you know, I think the older I get the more scary it gets rocking back and forth all the way at the top! (Still don’t mind roller coasters). I had a chance to ride the ferris wheel this weekend at the Jersey Shore, and my, the view certainly is pretty!

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  2. What a wonderful picture….looks like you really had a great time!!

    Yes, as an older person, it is true. The older you get, the more reluctant you are to do things you did while young. Funny how age changes our mind-set. I call it the “Aging Fear Factor”. Hate to tell you this, but once the fear factor sets in, with time it only gets worse..LOL

    Mary of Brush It On

  3. That’s a gorgeous view of the water. It would definitely make me get on that ferris wheel.
    I’ve never much like roller coasters though, well, not the big ones.

  4. Ditto for me on a Ferris Wheel (who was Ferris, btw?).

    I still ride ’em, and enjoy ’em… but I find myself always looking at the bolts, cables and whatnot… is everything tight, lubricated and seem to be in order?


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