Hoo boy, getting ready for a move is tough.

I tried to go through just one closet tonight and throw out junk I don’t want… it’s harder than it first appears. Sure, the old 2008 calendar is an easy decision. But what about the perfectly good but garishly colored bedsheet, an unidentified computer hard-drive or your mom’s antique, hand-woven but worn rug that you no long longer have room for?

Still, I managed to take out about 10 garbage bags full of trash (I swear it reproduces in dark corners), so I still feel ahead of the game. A little less than a month to go….

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  1. LOL……..glad it’s not me!!!!! Next time I move, a crew is going to come in and pack everything up, move it, and set it up in my new place. My only job will be to go on vacation and then come home to a perfectly set up house!!!

    No muss, no fuss….because I’m worth it!!! 🙂

    Mary of Brush It On

    P.S. Those unwanted things multiply because they’re an offshoot of the rabbit family!!! LOL…

  2. Oh definitely NOT one of my favorite activities… moving, ugh! Soon though it’ll be all behind you and you can exhale a sigh of relief, phew!

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