All the cheese I can eat

There’s profit, and then there’s profit.

For example, I have my work on display at a local cheese shop in Philadelphia. The owner uses one of my cups as a little tip jar, uses vases and other pieces in his front window display and includes mugs in his holiday gift baskets.

He doesn’t sell many, but they make the shop a little nicer. And when he does sell a piece, I don’t get cash.

I get cheese.

He recently sold a vase for around $40, and now I am up to my elbows in delicious brie, creamy goat cheese and savory cheddar. His shop is around the corner from the studio, so whenever I get hungry I can go over and he cuts me a hunk of whatever is freshest and fills up a bag with baguette slices. I couldn’t ask for better!

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  2. This weekend before my biking/camping trip, I grabbed a few things from the fridge as I headed out the door. One happened to be an “earthy and intense” brie that when I opened it, was slightly melted, oozing all its wonderful goodness out for me to savor, moaning to my campmates who, happily (to me) disliked an intense and earthy brie.


  3. I love it when two worlds come together to create happy contentment!! Hmmmmm, is this an example of an evolving symbiotic relationship???? LOL!!

    Mary of Brush It On

  4. Ahhh, to be paid in food… heaven!

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